Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the questions we get asked by prospective candidates keep coming up again and again. Below you will find a list of some of these frequently asked questions, together with the answers. Please browse the list below for the answer to any questions you may have and read it in conjunction with our Living and Working in Cyprus page. If you don’t see your question below, do contact us and ask away.


Do employers pay for my flights?

In some cases yes, you will be advised depending on the position. In the event that they do not then, a one way flight will cost from €70.00 – €150.00 depending on the time of year. For guidance on finding flights see Getting to Cyprus.

When I arrive in Cyprus will someone meet me at the airport?

Most employers will either collect you from the airport or arrange a taxi to collect you. We will advise you of the arrangements depending on the situation. If you have to make your own way both airports have bus services to all the main towns. We will give you the relevant information at the time.

How do I find accommodation?

Some of the employers we work with provide accommodation as part of your salary package. If you choose not to live in the employers accommodation or you are offered a job without accommodation, both the employer and JobsCyprus will guide you on finding relevant accommodation once you have accepted the job.

Do I have to pay for accommodation?

No you do not pay rent as the cost of the accommodation (approximately €400.00 per month) forms part of your total salary package. Depending on your individual employer you may have to pay minimal charges for electricity and water. This should be no more than €35.00 per month, however you will be advised at the time.

What is the accommodation like?

Generally employers rent or own 1 or 2 bedroom apartments which consist of bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. These are furnished with essentials for living such as linen, towels and crockery. Responsibility for keeping the accommodation clean is up to you.

Do I live on my own?

No generally accommodation is shared with other work colleagues. If it is a 1 bedroom apartment there will be 2 people living there in total. An employer will not supply one apartment to one employee as it is not financially viable for them.

Do apartments have internet and telephone connections?

No, however there are plenty of internet cafes located in all towns. Regarding telephones, we suggest you purchase a local sim card for your phone which is extremely cheap to use.

How do I get from my apartment to work?

Generally you will live very near your place of work a 5 – 10 minutes walk away, or they will provide transport for you.

How much will I get paid?

Salaries will vary depending on job type, age and experience. For an overview of Living and working in Cyprus together with some basic salary guidelines visit our Living and working in Cyprus page. As a minimum, combined with tips, in most jobs you should earn €1000 TAX FREE (minimum) in many jobs you can earn considerably more. It is important though to understand the quality of life in Cyprus. You should not compare you salary with that of the equivalent in your home country as costs and expenses vary from one country to the other. It is not about how much you earn but how much you spend and what is left in your pocket. A simple example would be in the UK for instance you would probably have public transport costs to get to work and home – this could be €100.00 per month or more. In Cyprus you would walk 5 minutes – no transport costs. The above link has some salary examples and explains the cost of living in more detail. We will discuss each individual job and the terms with each candidate when a job offer is made.

Do I need to open a bank account in Cyprus?

It is up to you. The Cyprus banking system allows you to go to a bank with a cheque and your passport; you sign the cheque on the back and they will cash it for you immediately. If you want to open an account this is a very straightforward system. All you need is your passport and a letter from your employer stating you have a job.

How and when do I get paid?

This varies from one employer to the other. The majority pay monthly. Some pay by cash and others by cheque. There are a few employers who will set up a bank account for you and pay the money direct in to your account.

How much tax and insurance do I pay on my income?

You do not pay any income tax in Cyprus if you earn less than €19,500 per year, therefore for many jobs all your income will be tax free.

When will I get paid for the first time after starting my job?

Generally you will get paid for the first time 4 weeks after you begin working.

If I need money when I arrive until I get paid the first time, will my employer give me an advance?


Which day of the month do I get paid?

This varies from one employer to the other. Usually somewhere between the last day of the month to the 7th day of the following month.

How much money do I need to take for the first month until I get paid?

The minimum you will need is around €400.00 to cover basic essentials.

How many days and hours do I work each week?

The general standard in the hospitality and catering industry in Cyprus is, 6 days a week and between 8 – 10 hours per shift.

How long are job contracts for?

We can find you jobs both for long term and on a seasonal basis. Long term is obviously full time with no agreed end date. Within these jobs the salaries and benefits usually tend to be better, often when you have completed 1 year’s employment you will receive a bonus of an extra month’s salary known as the 13th salary. In addition you receive paid holidays and sometimes many other benefits such as medical insurance. Seasonal jobs are for a fixed term with an agreed end date to cater for businesses that are focused on the tourist industry. The start date for seasonal jobs vary from early March – end May and finish (depending on the employer) by end of September – end October.

I am a student and want to work for 2 months over the summer, can you find me a job?

Possibly yes however the employer will offer you a job based on how long you will work, ie the end date. There is no point taking a job and saying you intend to work to the end of October when this is not true and then leave earlier without warning. Employers will not take kindly to this, sometimes they hold your passport as a guarantee against their property you are occupying and you will need to get this back; in addition you may find that if you cut your agreement short without prior warning you will not get paid all the money owed to you. It is advisable to be honest both with JobsCyprus and the employer regarding your plans then both the employer and JobsCyprus can accommodate you to suit your individual circumstances. Generally we cannot find jobs for less than 3 months duration. If this is what you want our suggestion is search the internet and find your own job directly as JobsCyprus will not be able to assist you.

Does my employer provide meals?

This varies from employer to employer. Some do and others do not. Generally if the establishment you are working in sells food you will get at least one meal provided. If you work in a bar which does not sell food then usually the employer does not provide meals.

Do I get paid holidays?

If you are taking a long term job and intend working for at least 1 year you will receive paid holidays. The number of days varies from one employer to the other and will be agreed at the time of taking the job. If you are working on a short term or seasonal basis there are no paid holidays.

If I am working over Christmas or Easter can I have time off to go home?

No as in all countries around the world these times of year are peak trading and no time off is given.

Will I have to wear a uniform?

This varies from one job to the other and will be discussed with you individually.

If I decide I want to leave my job how much notice do I have to give?

The minimum expected by the employer is 1 month.

What will happen if I leave and do not give my employer notice?

This is not advisable, Cyprus is a very small place, most of the employers know each other so you could find it difficult getting another job. You will also lose your accommodation immediately if they are providing it. Finally you will not get paid any outstanding money you are owed if you do not give appropriate notice. If you want to leave then discuss this with your employer and come to a fair agreement which suits both you and the employer.

My friend/partner/spouse and I want to go and work together; can we get a job in the same place?

Most employers will not employ friends or couples together as it is too risky for them. If you are a couple then we can find you jobs very near each other however you will either have to live in separate accommodation as provided by your employer or find your own accommodation which we can guide you on. If you want to go to Cyprus as a couple then tell us when applying and we will advise you accordingly how to proceed.