Apply for a Job

Apply for a JobTo apply for a job, please send us a full CV (preferably in Word format). Please show the job reference or title of the vacancy on the subject of your e mail.

Your CV should be formatted as shown below:

  • Full Name
  • Full Address
  • E mail
  • Home & Mobile Telephone numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • A short Personal Statement. This should explain briefly who you are, your work and education (in a brief format) and any other information you feel is relevant to your job application.
  • Your work history in reverse order. Start from your current job going backwards to the beginning. For each job show;
    • Job Title
    • Employers name
    • Dates of Employment
    • A brief description of your duties
  • Then show;
    • Education/Professional Qualifications
    • Language skills

Now E mail your application.

Once we are in receipt of your application and we have reviewed it, we will reply to you by e-mail or call you to discuss it.