What We Do With Your CV

All CVs received by JobsCyprus are saved on our database. If you are sending your CV on a speculative basis, we will contact you once we have a suitable vacancy.

If you are applying for a specific job advertised by JobsCyprus, we will consider your application, then contact you accordingly if you fulfill the requirements.

We Guarantee Confidentiality

You are guaranteed that at no time will we contact your existing employer or indeed forward your CV to an employer, without first receiving your agreement.

Once an employer requests an interview we will then call you to discuss the vacancy and arrange the interview on behalf of you and the employer.

How To Send Your CV

To apply for a job, please send us a full CV (preferably in Word format). Show the job reference or title of the vacancy on the subject of your e-mail.

Your CV should be formatted as shown below:

  • Full name
  • Full address
  • E-mail
  • Home andmobile telephone numbers
  • Date of birth
    • Education/Professional qualifications
    • Language skills
  • A short personal statement. This should explain briefly who you are, your work and education (in a brief format) and any other information you feel is relevant to your job application.
  • Your work history in reverse order. Start from your current job going backwards to the beginning. For each job show;
    • Job title
    • Employers name
    • Dates of employment
    • A brief description of your duties