How To Impress Your Interviewer

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. The jitters won’t go away even if you’re doing it for the millionth time. The uneasiness often stems from being unprepared or unable to control your emotions.

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If you’re preparing for your first job interview or getting ready to get that dream job we are here to help.

There are many ways to impress your interviewer, and we’re here to walk you through them.

What Makes an Impressive Interview?

An impressive interview isn’t all about giving the correct answers to questions. Instead, it starts from the moment you step in and out of the interview room.

Heard about the line: The first impression always lasts? Chances are you did, and it can’t be truer in landing a job.

Giving a positive impression about your demeanour and answers and even asking follow-up questions play a significant role in giving an impressive interview. And, of course, in getting the job position.

Tips On How to Impress Your Interviewer

Getting through an interview is an art form. It takes experience, skills, and motivation to get better every time you do it. The following ways should help you impress your interviewer:

1. Give a Short and Firm Handshake

A handshake is a window to your confidence. It can also help in setting the tone of your interview. Give two to three pumps of brief and confident handshakes.

2. Mean Business

An applicant who doesn’t take the interview seriously is less likely to be taken seriously. Show your interviewer that you mean business by giving them your full attention. Leave an impression that you’re giving your best shot.

3. Smile and Be Friendly

Nobody wants a gloomy employee. Employers are quick to notice the energy you’ll bring to their workplace. From the moment you enter the establishment, be polite and friendly.

Along with your full attention, be enthusiastic about the whole process.

4. Give Real Life Experiences

Your employer has already run through your application and seen your credentials. When the questions start, they’ll ask you to elaborate on your experiences and skills.

When answering these questions, incorporate real-life scenarios where your skills are in action.

Present this in a way that reveals something about yourself. For example, how you responded to the problems you encountered in your previous jobs.

At this point, you’re trying to raise your value to your interviewers, so make sure you’re passionate. Showcase what you can do for them and their company.

5. Leave A Memorable Background

It’s pretty human of us to remember people or stuff that struck a fun or exciting memory. What are the odds of your interviewer remembering you versus your co-applicant who made no lasting impression.

Though it may be irrelevant to the job position, these titbits of exciting experiences can be a good springboard for discussion. It can also leave an avenue for you to showcase your values and persistence in things that you’re passionate about.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you still think asking questions is for interviewers only, here’s your sign to prepare yours.

Asking straight-up questions like what you need to possess to be the top candidate or what they expect you to contribute in your first three months—can give them an impression that you’re eager to work with them.

You can also ask questions about the challenges in the workplace to give you an overview of what to expect if you ever get the job.

7. Calm Down

Being enthusiastic, friendly, and attentive is essential in the interview. But don’t overdo it, as your interviewers can quickly sense if you’re putting up a show.

It’s pretty hard to ease the jitter, but with a proper breathing exercise and a clear goal, you can show your pure intentions naturally. Let your skills, experiences, and passion speak for you.

8. Tell Them You Want the Job

Nothing is more powerful than verbalizing it. But not in a stiffly direct manner, though. You can say it along the lines of giving your thanks. Don’t be afraid to sound hopeful.

Things You Should Prepare Before the Interview

Treat your interview as one of your greatest battles in life; of course, you don’t want to go unarmed. Weeks before your interview, your battle has already started in carefully planning and preparing for the big day.

Here are some things you might need to consider before jumping on the interview:

1. Your Attire

Before you can speak, you’re already being judged. Your employers first notice your attire, so be careful in selecting your clothes for the big day.

Choose an attire that’s simple and professional. You would want to look like the person they’re searching for, so looking neat and dependable is important.

2. Do Your Research

Nothing is more important than knowing your target company. Be sure to research their mission and vision, as well as their history and recent activities. It’ll show that you respect and are interested in the company’s purpose.

3. Prepare Your Anecdotes

In the tips above, giving real-life scenarios where your skills are in action is essential. Try making an outline or scaffolding on how you’ll discuss it to help you remember them. Integrate them smoothly into your answers.

4. Create A Clean Social Media Presence

Social media has been more significant than ever. Employers are fond of checking their candidates online. It’ll help them better know their future employees outside their establishment.

To avoid any conflict, try to organise your social media accounts or, better yet, make a new one and make it professional.

5. Be On Time

Last but not least, be on time! The most genuine effort is being there sharp upon call time. It’s the first look at how eager you are to get the job. So, sleep early and secure those alarms.


Interviews are break or make moments. They test us on how to be better all the time and are a great reflecting point in our live career-wise.

To help you impress your interviewer, don’t forget to be friendly and confident and interact with the interviewer in a way that showcases your passion and skills.