Mechanical Engineer Project Manager (Lagos Nigeria)

Our client is a distinguished Nigerian contractor in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering with a diverse portfolio of projects from construction to facilities management of malls, universities, hotels, industrial plants, banks, offices, large residential projects, etc.

On offer (see below) is a substantial salary & benefits package

Job Description

  • Managing integrated commercial projects [ including all components of construction and electro-mechanical systems (air conditioning, electricity and plumbing)
  • Overall responsibility for all stages of the project (initiation / planning / execution / delivery)
  • Connections, verification Implementation of projects and managing regular meetings
  • Responsibility for budgets and pricing [ and reducing costs of the projects]
  • Logistics and procurement
  • Working with plans & drawings
  • Meeting safety and quality objectives
  • Managing local work managers and local subcontractors or foreigners .

Principle Responsibilities:

  • Technical Review and Pricing
  • Project Design and workshop drawings + budget
  • Material specifications and ordering
  • Project Technical Support and QA/QC
  • Training of the site Manager
  • Planning Mechanical order
  • Coordinate with Mechanical consultant
  • Support the site

Functional Activities:

  • Training and evaluation of Mechanical expatriates.
  • Responsible for the project Gantt board
  • Managing Relationship / correspondence with consultants, suppliers and clients.
  • Design Calculations and Creating Shop Drawings for ongoing projects.
  • Material approval: submission to consultants, follow up, alternative solutions.
  • Defining material specifications, managing suppliers RFQ’s and project procurement.
  • Following up the Mechanical program of work of projects.
  • Attending Site Meetings and appointing action items to the people responsible, to meet the project time and quality schedule.
  • Technical support to Site and project managers.
  • QA/QC Supervision on site.


  • Electrical department
  • Estimation Department.
  • Drafting Department.
  • Project Managers and Site Supervisors.
  • Logistic Department.
  • Import Department
  • Maintenance Department.
  • E.D
  • Contracts Department
  • HR Department

Objectives to be measured:

  • Client complaints.
  • Submissions of Tenders, Drawings and Material on time.
  • Unique competitive solutions for projects and tenders.
  • Quality level of procured Mechanical material.
  • Quality level of projects Mechanical installations.


  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Proficiency in MS office, Acrobat, SAP.
  • Prompt solutions & action on the task given.
  • Design, Planning, Site Supervision, Tenders
  • Handling multiple tasks & multiple priorities.

Remuneration & Benefits

  • TAX Free Salary ranging between US $7,000 -$ 8,000 per month.
  • Monthly living allowance US $ 750.00 per month, which will be enough to live on and not require the above salary to be spent for day to day living.
  • Apartment within staff housing, in house cook providing all meals
  • Car with driver which can be used both for commuting to work and leisure time
  • Every 3 months 2 weeks full paid leave including air tickets to visit family back home
  • Additional annual holiday
  • Fully paid medical insurance