Supervisor Mechanical or Electrical Engineer (Nigeria)

Our client is a distinguished Nigerian contractor in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering with a diverse portfolio of projects from construction to facilities management of malls, universities, hotels, industrial plants, banks, offices, large residential projects, etc.

Necessary Experience:

  • Mechanical-5 years of site Managing and functioning as supervisor Mechanical-AC constructing projects.


  • Electrical-5 years of site Managing and functioning as supervisor Electrical constructing projects.

Excellent HVAC experience is a must.

On offer is a substantial salary & benefits package which can be seen below

Principle Responsibilities

  • In charge of site office
  • In charge of site storage.
  • In charge of manpower on site
  • In charge of work progress quality and safety on site.
  • In charge of orders quantities and specifications for site.

Function description

  • In charge of site office:
  • In charge of mobilization to site:
  • To design and built yard facilities (office, store, workshop, storage place exec…)
  • To order equipment – table, chair, computer exec…
  • To order office items – files , pens , calculator …
  • In charge of site secretary
  • In charge of small petty cash expenses.
  • In charge of site storage.
  • In charge of storekeeper.
  • In charge of store organize.
  • In charge of store stoke handling.
  • Supervise materials movement from site to store
  • In charge of site tools

In charge of manpower on site

  • Open the site and make sure the employee are coming and closing on time ( minimum at 07:30- 17:00) site manager and s.v should come at 07:00
  • Filling up and sign daily the timecards
  • Recommend of Hiring new employees and fire unnecessary or no good workers.
  • Dealing with discipline problems on site
  • Take care of worker needs.

In charge of work progress on site:

  • Divide the workers into missions according to work program.
  • Take care of ongoing issues.
  • Supervising work progress.
  • Supervising work quality.
  • Supervising work safety.
  • Requisition for day to day use (once a week).

In charge of orders quantities and specifications for site.

  • Taking out quantities from drawings.
  • Going over design in order to locate and solve problems
  • Prepare detailed orders with specifications ( catalog numbers)
  • Follow up the orders situation.

Remuneration & Benefits

  • TAX Free Salary in the region of €4,500 per month. Salaries are paid in US Dollars
  • Daily living allowance, which will be enough to live on and not require the above salary to be spent for day to day living.
  • Apartment within staff housing, in house cook providing all meals
  • Car with driver which can be used both for commuting to work and leisure time
  • Every 3 months 2 weeks full paid leave including air tickets to visit family back home
  • Additional annual holiday
  • Fully paid medical insurance