Whilst living and working in Cyprus you will naturally want to make the most of your free time. With so many beaches and 330 days of sunshine Cyprus has so much to offer whatever your age or interests.

Explore and enjoy!

Getting about in Cyprus

Travel distances on the island are relatively small, therefore it is quite achievable to travel from one town to the other and back again in the same day. Depending on where you end up living whilst in Cyprus you may be fortunate enough to have the free use of a swimming pool within your apartment complex. Alternatively there are great beaches in all the towns except the capital city Nicosia as it is located inland. Even from Nicosia it is only a 40-minute drive to the beach.

There are several inter-town bus services, which run between most of the major towns and cities. Alternatively you can purchase a seat in a shared air-conditioned taxi. Prices are relatively cheap. One of the main companies offering this service is Travel Express.

If you want to be a little adventurous and tour around on your own or with some friends it is very affordable to hire a car for a day or two especially if you share the cost. At off peak times i.e. not June – September you can hire a small car for about €20.00 per day and this will give you the freedom to visit remote villages, mountain resorts and general places of interest at your leisure. Car rental offices are located in all the main tourist areas. Prices are always negotiable so do not take notice of the prices displayed, these are for tourists!

A Few Activities to Try

Cyprus has something for everyone. Whether you want to party, play, eat, swim, shop, watch movies, go to museums, see historic sites, watch football or even go snow skiing (Jan – March) you can do it in Cyprus. You can even take a 2-day mini cruise and visit the Pyramids in Egypt or the holy sites in Israel. A good point of reference to get an overview of what Cyprus has to offer for fun and leisure is the official tourist information website Visit Cyprus or browse some of our suggestions below:

Beaches in Cyprus

All the seaside resorts have free public beaches – the majority are award winning Blue Flag beaches therefore guarantee cleanliness and quality. All have sun beds and umbrellas for hire at affordable rates. A good overview of some of the best beaches in Cyprus can be found here.


Cyprus has had a café culture forever. It is one of the favourite pastimes for Cypriots. The choice and quality of cafes is vast. The offering varies considerably however there are many sophisticated and smart cafes in every town. Some offer basic drinks and snacks whilst others have menus more extensive than many a restaurant. If you miss your old favourites all towns also have recognised international branded cafes.


If you like to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters don’t worry every town has a selection of cinemas showing the latest releases from around the world in English.

Concerts/Music Festivals

Over the last few years more and more international stars and bands have been holding one off concerts or participating in music festivals in Cyprus. In past years artists such as Diana Ross, Elton John, Simply Red and Bryan Adams have all performed. These are always well advertised. You can be sure if a big star is appearing you will know about it.

Eating and Drinking in Cyprus

Cyprus eating is not just about kebabs although they are a good affordable meal and you can get them everywhere. Every conceivable cuisine from around the world is available. Whether you want Indian, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Mexican or indeed anything you can think of, Cyprus has it. All you have to do is walk down any of the main streets and you will be spoilt for choice. You can even go to KFC, Burger King and of course McDonalds. Many offer a take away and delivery service also. Bars and pubs are everywhere.


If your passion is football then you will get on very well with the Cypriots. They are very passionate about the game. You can watch live international league matches in many bars and pubs in all towns. If there is a major World or European tournament on, you can be sure that you will be able to follow all the action.Like most countries Cyprus has its own football league and tickets to games are very affordable.


If you like a good workout in a gym then you can rest assured that all towns are well catered for with good quality gyms.

Historic / Archaeological Sites

Cyprus is one of the oldest inhabited parts of the world steeped deep in history. There are sites of interest all over the island. A good place to start is the Nicosia Museum. See Visit Cyprus for more information.

Mini Cruises

If you really want to be adventurous and can spare 2 – 3 days perhaps when you have finished working prior to returning home, then you can take an unforgettable mini cruise to the Greek islands, Egypt, Syria or Israel and visit the Pyramids or the Holy Land or just experience another island. These cruises are both efficient and reasonable in cost and provide a memorable end to your stay in Cyprus. Cruise Cyprus has more information about the exciting options available to you.


There are many nightclubs to choose from again they can be found in all the towns located primarily within the main tourist areas. Many often have guest performances by internationally renowned DJ’s. Some of these clubs do not close until 8.00am!

Scuba Diving

Ever wanted to learn to dive? Then Cyprus is the perfect place to start. There are numerous diving schools at all the resorts, fully equipped and with instructors qualified to international standards. Cyprus is the perfect place to learn as it boasts crystal clear waters and numerous shipwrecks which offer a memorable and rewarding diving experience.


If your favourite pastime is shopping then you are in good company, the Cypriots love to shop! Every town is well catered for. Pretty much every international retail brand is represented in Cyprus as well as many local brands.

Water Parks

There are 3 main water parks on the island, located in Ayia Napa, Paphos & Limassol, all of them built to international standards. In fact Waterworld in Ayia Napa is the largest themed water park in Europe.